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Dogs,Bodies and Breathing: How to access a mindful life

My dog is ridiculously clever and also unbelievably foolish! I'll give you some examples.

She can break out of my house in a heartbeat: She can open sliding doors with her nose, stands up on her hind legs and opens door handles (push or pull!) and has even been known to climb out of a window. She can unlock a yale lock to let herself into the garden. She even managed to lock me out of the house once! She can understand Polish. We've had builders here at home for 18 months. I've watched her respond to instructions they give her and she totally understands them! She eats builders work gloves regularly (and then spends three days vomiting up fingers). Whenever I leave the house, she breaks into my bedroom and makes like a starfish on my bed. When she hears me coming back she races out and pretends she hasn't been in there (not realising that she's usually left muddy marks all over the crisp, white duvet). To be honest, this list could go on and on...

I've said this before

So why am I telling you about my crazy mutt (again!)? Well I guess it's to remind you (and me!), that we can learn a lot from her. Here's the qualities I admire:

  • Endless curiosity

  • Fully aware and present in her body

  • Able to find raw, unadulterated joy in tiny things

  • Fearless in following her urges

  • Committed to eating, sleeping and playing!

Can you imagine if we lived that way too?

How glorious it would be to let go of the ways we hold ourselves back. The limiting beliefs we have about what's possible for us and that get in the way of following our own urges and nudges. In truth, we have that same capacity for wild freedom that Milky has. It just gets trained out of us in this busy, stressful world (that often we create for ourselves!).

That's why we need to Pause

It starts with our bodies. Finding ways to deeply connect to our physical body is the start of everything. I heard someone say today that we run away from our bodies because we store so much pain there. All the emotions and challenges that feel too big get locked up inside of us so it becomes excruciating to hang out there. I think that's true. I suffered with anxiety and depression for many years and when I began to meditate, sitting with the physical discomfort that came with it was challenging at first. It took time and gentle kindness towards myself to be able to do that.

It's worth it

The great thing when we do sit with those feelings though is that it creates space. Space to release things. Space to see things clearly. And we can finally let go of the stories we've told ourselves about who we are and what our life can be. Until we do that, our deliciously fun nature can't come out to play. Instead we stay trapped in a cycle of stress and 'busy'.

Breathing is a great access point

It can be really hard to get out of your head and into your body. It's why some people struggle at first with meditation. It feels excruciating to be still and aware of every sensation. So instead we can start with breathing. We can change our physiology in an instant, making it possible to change everything.

Come and breathe the Ice man way!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Wim Hof, the Ice man. I'm excited to welcome to Be. on Monday 1 February at 6pm - 8pm, the expert guidance of Heather, a certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method (WHM) Instructor and yoga and meditation teacher to experience one of the three pillars of the method; conscious breathing. We'll find out how you can utilise oxygen to optimise body & mind, and learn about the underlying physiology. The breath is a powerful tool for transformation and I know this workshop will be phenomenal. Breath work practices have been proven to:

  • Boost immunity.

  • Strengthen condition of breathing apparatus

  • Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma.

  • Enrich creativity.

  • Improve personal relationships.

  • Increase confidence and and self-esteem.

What better time to focus on these immensely important -aspects of life than now! Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or just want to get high on your own supply - this workshop offers something for everyone!

I can't wait to see you there! As always, Be.Ninja Tribe Members (that's my membership community) will receive discounted ticket rates. Anyone who is currently enrolled in my 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme will also enjoy a discounted ticket. So if you've been thinking of joining the Ninja Mind Skills Programme, now is a very good time! You can read more about it and sign up here.

Laura @ Be. x

“Let the breath lead the way.” ― Sharon Salzberg


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