Over the last 6 weeks my perception has changed so that I now feel truly satisfied with life as it is right now.  This doesn't mean that I won't strive for more, or lose my ambition - that is who I am and I'll use that to drive me through any future challenges and opportunities.


  I feel less anxious and skittish.  I am more accepting of the here and now, and I am confident that good things will come my way and I will sieze opportunities when the time is right.

The results are impressive:  Thanks to Laura, I am definitely a more complete human being, much stronger mentally and physically, present in the moment and eventually aware that I've embarked on a precious journey that will never end!   

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Enlightening - I came away feeling empowered to use this type of meditation, because it fits in with today's lifestyle,

for all really!

Laura is very supportive and clearly knows her stuff - I love the way she is not “woo woo” and this is what originally persuaded me to give her workshop a go!

Laura is a lovely, warm, friendly, approachable and attentive coach who genuinely listens and adapts to her audience. She is clearly very knowledgeable about her topic. Highly recommend!

Laura has a very calm, reassuring manner and imparts her knowledge so that it is easily understood. The meditations were exactly what I needed and delivered in a lovely soothing voice. Give it a try!

I really enjoyed it but wonder why more men don’t come to learn about meditation...the inclusion of scientific evidence was compelling and convincing

I loved it. I don't like yoga breaths. I've tried several times guided meditation but I couldn't manage it. But during the session with you, it was relaxing without pressure and I felt myself very comfortable after the session.

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