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Over the last 6 weeks my perception has changed so that I now feel truly satisfied with life as it is right now.  This doesn't mean that I won't strive for more, or lose my ambition - that is who I am and I'll use that to drive me through any future challenges and opportunities.


  I feel less anxious and skittish.  I am more accepting of the here and now, and I am confident that good things will come my way and I will sieze opportunities when the time is right.

If you’re thinking of working with me, no doubt you’d love to know how it’s been for other people.


So read on to hear from my lovely 1:1 clients, my wonderful Be. Ninja Tribe membership community and from those who’ve attended workshops and events with me.


You an also watch a short video to get the inside track on the philosophy at Be.

My 1:1 Clients

Read the full stories, experiences and journeys from others who have joined our Be. Programmes


My Amazing Membership Community.


I feel sooo much better since joining.  I’m so much more confident and happy and have  found inner peace. I also have many more tools to help when the road is rocky and I definitely don’t overreact nearly as much to things that happen.


Having gentle daily reminders is great. Reading the positive comments from others is lovely too. It’s very supportive and nice to know it’s there when I need it.


The membership has surpassed my expectations and I would thoroughly recommend it.  Laura's wonderfully clear teaching style, coupled with the opportunity to learn, practice & explore various types of meditation with the other members of the online community is superb. Questions are welcome and the group is a very generous, welcoming environment.”


Since joining the community, I've become a lot less reactive in situations. I'm finding it much easier to observe and not react. I'm not so 'scared' of my emotions and am feeling stronger about sitting with negative feelings, knowing they will pass eventually. Also much better at enjoying fully the happy feelings, knowing that they'll pass too but that's ok and not a reason not to enjoy them”


Laura continues to be that guiding light, that essence of calm, supporting me with a meditation program that’s really improving my work-life balance and the way I approach life in general.


I’ve loved earning so many aspects of meditation and how to integrate meditation into my day. It certainly never gets boring and Laura’smethods are very motivating! Being part of a group is especially beneficial because it makes the meditation feel more powerful and it's a lovely feeling knowing we're all together in this It's the feeling of connection.

People are talking!

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Enlightening - I came away feeling empowered to use this type of meditation, because it fits in with today's lifestyle,

for all really!

Laura is very supportive and clearly knows her stuff - I love the way she is not “woo woo” and this is what originally persuaded me to give her workshop a go!

Laura is a lovely, warm, friendly, approachable and attentive coach who genuinely listens and adapts to her audience. She is clearly very knowledgeable about her topic. Highly recommend!

Laura has a very calm, reassuring manner and imparts her knowledge so that it is easily understood. The meditations were exactly what I needed and delivered in a lovely soothing voice. Give it a try!

I really enjoyed it but wonder why more men don’t come to learn about meditation...the inclusion of scientific evidence was compelling and convincing

I loved it. I don't like yoga breaths. I've tried several times guided meditation but I couldn't manage it. But during the session with you, it was relaxing without pressure and I felt myself very comfortable after the session.

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And if you’re interested in having me come and speak to your community, organisation or workplace, check out my Be.Expert page

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