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Everyone deserves access to the transformative power of meditation.

 I love speaking about how to make meditation and mindfulness attainable and accessible, no matter what your life looks like. I've been featured on BBC Radio, various podcasts, virtual summits and within communities as well as running retreat days and wellness workshops.


I'm on a mission to spread the simple message that Modern Meditation is for everyone. Taking you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and clear so you can build a life that's meaningful. 


Simple. But not always easy - and that's where I can help! 


I'd love to chat with you if you have an audience or event that needs a modern approach to training the mind. I always share my own authentic experience (I'm a perfectly imperfect human, just like you!) and leave audiences with practical and immediately implementable tips and advice.

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Whether it’s, a Wellness Event or a  Corporate conference, I  can provide inspiring and accessible workshops and talks.

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From small groups to large auditoriums, making meditation attainable and inspiring is what it’s all about at Be.

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For a more intensive coaching experience, from one day to a number of days, at Be. we have it covered.

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Here’s what others have said about my speaking and events:


I can highly recommend Laura Coleman if you are considering Stress Awareness initiatives for your team. We wanted to go beyond awareness because we figured our team knew what stress is. So we enlisted the help of Be. to equip our team with the tools to stay composed in what is a dynamic sector.


CEO Rocketmill Digital Marketing Agency


“Laura is an amazing lady: she is so “real” and full of wisdom. She speaks and gives from the heart, her audiences sense this straight away and thus listen intently,
remaining engaged throughout. She leaves the audience empowered to make life changes and be open to new lifestyle habits.”




“It’s a rare blessing when you meet someone and instantly think to yourself. I want to work with this person.  This is exactly what happened when meeting Laura. Jemma Frizzell, Owner, The Rook Retreat. She is both captivating and inspiring and a mine of
knowledge about meditation. She comes armed with a tool box of simple yet effective


Owner, The Rook Retreat


Here are some ideas of topics we could talk about:

How Modern Meditation can be easier than you think

How to create Mindful Moments for calm and clarity

Ninja Mind Skills for the Modern World

Meditation for Stress


The Meditation Advantage: How to find Calm and Focus

The Busy Meditator: Making it work in the Modern world

How Meditation can Tame your Inner Critic

Meditation and Parenting

Let’s talk about YOUR audience so I can create something that speaks directly to them – that’s my Ninja skill!



You can listen to my interviews, speaking and meditations on my YouTube channel:


Here’s a selection:​



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On World Meditation Day, I'm talking to Laura Coleman, founder of Be. Modern Meditation about why meditation can be such an important tool to keep us calm and sane in what can be a crazy world!


Meditation, Fidgety Sceptics, and Finding Your Identity with Expert Laura Coleman

Virtual Summits and Talks



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Inspiring Talks Brighton: 

Ninja Mind Skills for the Modern World

The Fearless Summit:

Meditation for the Modern World

Live to Love Everyday:

Close your eyes to open your life

Live Events & Retreats



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Wellness at the Barn:

Finding the Parenting Pause Button

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Rest Fest:

Women’s Wellness Festival, West Sussex (attendees circa 800)

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Wellness at the Gallery:

Mindset for Reinvention

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Women’s Lifestyle Show, Brighton:

Making Meditation Work

I’m an accredited  Teacher on the app Insight Timer, the #1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress. With over 17 million users online from all across the world, you can find inspiration and motivation to help you get started.

Simply download the App for free and search for 'Laura Coleman' 

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