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Welcome to Be. 


What can we work on together?

Whilst I am trained and able to work with many different clients, my area of special interest is midlife and menopause support.  We can work together on many areas including:

“I’m passionate about helping mid-life women to rebalance their body, mind, and internal environment so they can thrive.  Even when you can’t change what happens to you, you can learn to cope better and thrive” - Laura


Once we've worked together to clear the blocks getting in your way, so much is possible for you.


Imagine if this transitional period, as you journey through mid-life and beyond, is actually a siren call to upgrade who you are and unlock a new version of you. I can help you listen and respond to that invitation so you can cope and thrive.

Sleep issues


Low mood

Struggles with weight and body image

Fear of driving

Loss of identity and self-esteem,

Relationship challenges

Building healthy habits

Stress management

Performance anxiety

Pain management

Assertiveness and confidence

Finding meaning and purpose



Managing difficult symptoms

eg. hot flashes


I'm Laura, a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Meditation expert and I'm on a mission to help midlife women transform how they think, feel and show up in their lives so they can overcome challenges and thrive.


I'm also the founder of Be. Modern Meditation®️, which is a meditation, mindfulness and well-being platform that makes it easy to build small, sustainable steps, even in your busy life.  

As well as transformational 1:1 work, I deliver talks and workshops to diverse corporate organisations such as the NHS, World Health Organisation (WHO), Cancer Research Council, Ernst and Young and across many industries - finance, architects, marketing, health and menopause specialists.

Let's get to know each more about me here

How would it be if you could drop the struggle and find ease and calm in the storm?  

I'm a mental health clinician with more than a decade of personal talking therapy behind me. The CBT/Meditation/Mindfulness approach that Laura brought to the table to treat my emotional dysregulation (exacerbated by the hormonal fluctuations of menopause) was a game-changer. Our work had depth, focus, and warmth. I experienced gradual but lasting symptom relief of trauma-based anxiety and anger re-activated after becoming a mum in my late 40s.


My work with Laura around acceptance and control has improved not only my marriage but my parenting of our young daughter. Laura provides helpful summaries of each session, along with personalised between-session resources to cement change. She is a true professional and one of life’s genuine intuitives. I am already making referrals to her. 

​How can I help you?

FREE resource to get started


Meditation and mindfulness can be the foundation for change. Helping you manage stress and get clear about what you need. But if you’re like many people, it feels too hard, your mind’s too busy and you don’t have time.


Let’s change that. 


Download my FREE  “Get Started Now!” Mini Meditation Course to bust through the blocks and take your first steps.


Instant app-based access to make it even easier.


Instant access support


Whatever challenges life throws your way, you can build the skills and experience you need to not just cope but thrive. You can start your journey to calm, clarity, and purpose right now! 


Join the Be. Membership for instant access to the 21-day Calm and Clarity Reset. 


You’ll be guided to radically transform how you experience life, no matter what it throws at you.


1-to-1 support


Let’s work together to transform your life, from the inside out.  Tailored to you and your unique life circumstances and experiences, you’ll be supported to take control of your midlife experience.


We’ll use the Be. Mindful Mindset framework™️, a potent combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-compassion practices, to help you feel better and thrive.


This deeply transformational work is supported within the Be. app, with personalised and tailored resources from Be. Modern Meditation.   By taking your learning and insight into every day life, you can create sustainable change that suits your life. 



1:1 Client

Group Programmes

The Be. Mindful Mindset is a unique and powerful program to give you the skills understanding and support to thrive in your menopause journey and beyond.

Click below to register your interest for my next FREE workshop and intake 


Honestly the most useful menopause related resource I have undertaken: A huge thank you Laura"

 NHS Session attendee


Laura is extremely knowledgeable and has the rare gift of explaining super complex concepts in simple, powerful terms and images that I can easily grasp and elaborate further.

- 1:1 Client


Focusing on me and retraining my brain to perceive my life in a positive way has been a huge benefit. Learning new habits is a challenge, but instantly rewarding, and worth the effort it takes"

- Group Programme attendee


Learn more about laura

Laura bright Icon.png
Laura bright Icon.png


Those were the three words I wrote in my journal a few years ago.  I felt overwhelmed, depressed and worthless. As a Mum of two young children living overseas and leaving behind my successful corporate career, I had completely lost myself. 


Those three words were like a call to action from my future and former self.


Something had to change....

"I am nothing"


Want a sneak peek at the app?

You can have instant access to all your Be. resources, no matter where you are or how busy life gets.

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