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Welcome to Be. 

I combine Modern Meditation with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, powerful concepts and tools from Positive Psychology (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), Self Compassion research and practices.


If you want support to tackle overwhelm in your life and build a life that’s truly meaningful and happy, then Be. is exactly what you need.


Now with an app you can download for instant and portable access, no matter where you are


Come and join us for weekly support and inspiration, live meditation, monthly guest experts, and a curated library of hundreds of practices and expert masterclasses.

There’s no pressure or expectation to keep up or achieve. Simply a gentle landing place to keep you motivated to take the small sustainable steps to a better and happier life.

Now you can join us and create amazing change in your life. I'll be here to guide you, cheer you on and celebrate or encourage you, no matter what life throws at you.

“I've felt energised, inspired, relaxed and more "aware" of the small joys which add to the texture of my life since joining. My sense of positivity and gratitude have both been amplified.

Natalie, Be. member

At Be. there is a simple yet profound aim:

To unlock a rich, full and meaningful life 

Give me a “Hell Yeah”   

if you want to…

Feel calmer, even when life is busy and overwhelming

Feel happier each day and able to enjoy life, no matter what it throws at you

Be able to focus and concentrate without getting lost in your thoughts

Feel connected to the “real” you that’s been crushed under the busy

Tune in to what really matters and be kind to yourself.


The Modern World Problem

Have you ever felt like your weeks have a relentless grind to them?  Or like the overwhelm of daily life is always threatening to swallow you up?

When you don’t pay attention, your life slips by and you race from one distraction to the next.


Never quite enjoying the good times because you’re on to the next thing. And when you do finally stop, you can’t relax and unwind.


How do you create healthy and sustainable ways to manage your mind and emotions so you can find peace and balance?


The answer isn’t found in the doom scroll of social media, online shopping or Netflix binges.


It’s also not found in punishing regimes that promise to deliver a new shinier ‘You’ but demand you to be someone you’re not.


The"Real" answer

All that we ever have, want or need is already inside of us.  

Imagine how it would feel to truly know and experience every day that you are enough.

Imagine feeling able to manage whatever life throws at you with ease and calm.

Imagine connecting to that deeper knowing part of yourself, your own inner wisdom, so you can move towards what’s truly meaningful for you.

That’s all possible for you when you build small sustainable habits whilst undoing the auto-pilot programming of how you “should” think and feel.

It starts"Here" 

The Be. Membership is here to offer you powerful support All the practices and resources are focused on unlocking the real you, the one that’s been lost under the busy.


It’s the perfect antidote to modern life.


Building practices that support you (like meditation, journaling and Breathwork) are proven to help you focus, manage stress and find calm.


To create change you also need to do the inner work to shift old patterns, let go of limiting beliefs and connect to what you really want.




What's inside the Be. Membership:

You’ll find resources to help with…

SOS for difficult times

Happiness habits 

Building a life you love

Loving yourself

Taming your mind and overthinking 

Living mindfully 

Managing overwhelm and stress 


Managing difficult thoughts and feelings

Finding focus

Connecting to what you really want

Plus many more, all curated and guided so you can transform your life without overwhelm 

The Nuts and Bolts

to get you on the road in less than 20 minutes 

Monthly Guest

Expert Sessions

to expand your wellness toolkit

to help you focus your practice on a specific outcome 

for guided support to get started (worth £97)

Quarterly Community Masterclasses

for deeper learning and growth

Weekly Inspiration


with suggested practices, journal prompts and affirmations



to set your Intentions and

Guide your Journey

Extensive Meditation


so you can handle whatever life throws at you

Comprehensive Breathworks library

and training videos

“I've realised without even thinking about it I'm now prioritising my meditation practice every day, and looking back can see how it's literally been rewiring my brain! Thank you for all your support and encouragement”

Jules, Be. Member 


Your journey starts here

But I don’t have time…

I know, I get it

It’s really hard to find time to do this stuff.  Everyone else’s needs and the daily pressures always feel so urgent.


That’s why each week you receive curated content and prompts so you don’t need to scrabble to find what you need. These land gently in your inbox and are available in the app you can download once you join.


It’s easy and accessible, no matter how busy you are.


There’s no rush or deadlines. You can take things at your own pace.


In fact, I encourage you to take small steps consistently rather than trying to overcommit and end up feeling like you’ve failed.


With the extensive library of resources at your fingertips, you’ll always be able to find something that’s exactly right for where you are.

Be Logo - Zoom.png

Think of it like your very own Amazon Prime for the mind.  Delivering exactly what you need as soon as you need it. 


You also have direct access to me to ask questions and get support. Think of me as your cheerleader and coach.  I’m rooting for you every step of the way.


I know you give so much to everyone else and no doubt it feels relentless at times.


Imagine how it will feel to have more space in your mind so you can feel calm and in control. 


You’ll be more able to be the person you want to be and the people you care about will notice and appreciate the difference. 

"The results are impressive: Thanks to Laura, I am definitely a more complete human being, much stronger mentally and physically, present in the moment and eventually aware that I've embarked on a precious journey that will never end!"

Marie-Christine, Be. More Client

Why the Be. Membership

I created the Be. Membership so that you can build the toolkit you need to live a life that’s free from overwhelm and  that feels rich, full and meaningful.


I know how powerful meditation is like the scaffolding to transform your life. I also know that it’s not easy to build sustainable practices that feel relevant and practical.


As someone who has experienced first-hand how life can change when you bring together positive psychology principles with practical techniques, I know this works. 


My ninja skill is helping people just like you to create lasting change.  


Let’s do this together. 


Come and join the Be. Membership. I can’t wait to welcome you.

Laura x

“The membership has surpassed my expectations and I would thoroughly recommend it.  Laura's wonderfully clear teaching style, coupled with the opportunity to learn, practice & explore various techniques is superb. Questions are welcome and the group is a very generous, welcoming environment"

- Be. member

Now with an app you can download for instant and portable access, no matter where you are.

Want a sneak peek?  

Be. Membership Options


***Do you work for the NHS ?

Become a member for just £7 per month

Enter the code "NHS7" or "NHS7YEAR ***

(if you are not an NHS employee but are experiencing financial hardship and can't join as a result,

please use the code above to join at the reduced rate. Access to support should be available to all) 

Be Logo - Zoom.png

Monthly Member

Sign up now for inspiration and support.


You'll be charged monthly and can cancel

at any time.

£15/per month

Be Logo - Zoom.png

Yearly Member

Pay for the year in advance and save.

Make a commitment to yourself and breathe a sigh of relief!

No cancellation after your first month with this option

£10/per month


A little about me, the founder

of Be.

Those were the words I wrote in my journal a few years ago.  I felt overwhelmed, depressed and worthless. As a Mum of two young children living overseas and leaving behind my successful corporate career, I had completely lost myself. 


Those three words were like a call to action from my future and former self.


Something had to change.

"I am nothing"

It was the scaffolding that allowed me to go from that place of feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm, confident and clear.

It helped me to get back in touch with all the parts of me, including that dynamic and driven person who had faded into the background.  Re-awakening a sense of purpose and direction. 


It allowed me to be kinder to myself, to open up to all the things I was feeling so I could accept them and move past them. 


It led me, amongst other things, to study Psychology at Monash University, then Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Meditation Teacher training and Breathwork training and now Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. 


Like any journey, it wasn’t one long smooth trajectory but, with the mindset that meditation provided, I was able to keep focused on what mattered.  



Tuning in to what next steps I needed to take and then found the courage to take them.


My journey, experiences and learning are at the heart of Be..


I know from my own life and the many clients I've worked with, that it's possible to go from stuck and surviving to thriving and growing.


Combining neuroscience, psychology and modern practical meditation practices to unlock personal transformation, you CAN change your life. 


One small step at a time.


What changed?

My journey started with meditation

The Be.Membership is not a substitute for therapy. When worry is stopping you from basic functioning in daily life it may be advisable to speak to your GP, check out the UK Council for Psychotherapy or call Mind on 0300 1233393.

You can see the answers to some frequently asked questions by clicking the FAQ's button below.


You can view the answers to some frequently asked questions here:

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