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Working 1 to 1

"Let’s start your journey to feel calmer, stronger and resilient. You deserve to thrive”   Laura


How do we work together?

We’ll start by getting clear on exactly what your challenges are. Then we’ll work together to create a plan to change how you think, feel and behave so you can radically transform your life.  Whether there’s one thing in particular that you’re struggling with – anxiety, a situation, sleep – or you need support across many areas, we can tailor a plan to support you.


The Be. Mindful Mindset ™️ process is a structured way to bust out of stuck-ness and get back into the driving seat in your life. Combining Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness and self-compassion, you’ll be amazed at the change that’s possible.

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Fully understand the problems and what you do now that helps or doesn’t help

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Be honest about how you feel and make space to feel it and process it compassionately 

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Identify what helpful resources (internal and external) can support you 

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Find new ways to cope with the challenges 

I’m here to help you to rise up and reclaim who you really are so you can get out of just surviving and thrive in new and unexpected ways. I help midlife women to transform how they think, feel and show up in their lives so they can overcome challenges and thrive, using a potent combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and self-compassion.

This isn’t about magic bullets or being rescued. This is you claiming your own strength in the struggle so you can build a life that’s rich and meaningful, in all its messy glory.

The real magic comes from you being seen, heard and understood.  I’ll be right by your side to help you calm the ride and feel empowered on your journey, no matter what it brings. 


This isn’t just talking about your problems. Instead, you’ll be guided to learn new and powerful ways to manage your mind and transform your experience.  

Imagine a world where:

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You can cope with the challenges that come your way and feel calm in the storm

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You know that you’re always moving toward the person you want to be and the life you want to live, and you have a plan to help you achieve the things you want

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You can heal how you feel about yourself so you can be kinder and more compassionate to your edges

Imagine what would be possible for you…together we can help you make it your reality. 


Is it time to start working together for a stronger, more vibrant and calmer you? You have no doubt given so much to everyone and everything else. You will still experience difficult thoughts and feelings; that’s being human, and life will no doubt throw you curve balls along the way.  BUT I also promise that you will grow the skills, knowledge and wisdom to cope and transform.  


Now it’s your time.

(Can’t see a time that works for you? Drop me an email, I read all emails personally

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Learn new knowledge and skills to tackle problems / create opportunities 

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Develop a plan to take it forward to future challenges

Laura’s way of working is so interesting and insightful. She is so compassionate and gentle, and incredibly perceptive at getting to the real nub of a problem or situation. As we worked together, Laura helped me reframe my way of thinking, enabling me to change my focus from my old negative thoughts and feelings to new, more positive ones.

This work has been truly transformational. I now find it easier to tackle problems with the confidence that I can finish the job, and I no longer have that heavy, depressing feeling of being overwhelmed that I experienced in the past. I love this new feeling!. Having the new awareness that I am doing it for me, rather than to impress other people, has also been a key factor.


I would highly recommend working with Laura. I love the results of our time together. I feel happier now and I honestly feel like a different person – calmer, more positive and definitely more motivated. I’m looking forward to this feeling spilling out into other areas of my life!"


Editor & Writing Coach

1:1 Client


The results are impressive:  Thanks to Laura, I am definitely a more complete human being, much stronger mentally and physically, present in the moment and eventually aware that I've embarked on a precious journey

1 to 1 Client


Over the last 6 weeks my perception has changed so that I now feel truly satisfied with life as it is right now. I am more accepting of the here and now. The changes I already feel give me the confidence to keep trying,  despite all the obstacles life throws at me

1 to 1 Client


Looking back, reaching out to Laura has been one of the best gifts I ever had in life and I couldn't recommend her highly enough

1 to 1 Client

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