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Who am I?


Sophie, mother, animal lover, traveller and management consultant at top 4 (EY). 



What was going on in your life before working with Laura?

Before I met Laura I was chugging along doing okay, but I knew I could be better. I was letting stress get the better of me and my mind was rarely where my feet were, I didn’t want my life to pass me by like this. I had heard about meditation and was pretty sure it was the answer but had never really embraced it, meeting Laura I realised this was my chance to change all that and live a more fulfilling and present life. 



How are things in your life as a result of your sessions?

I’ve been with Laura a year now and I have learned so much, I am much less reactive and in the present. I know meditation is a lifetime commitment and I am still on a journey,  but I know I have given myself the best start. There’s always something new to focus on and a way to grow. I look forward to growing with Laura and the community at the pace that works for me.   



What would you say to anyone considering having 1:1 sessions as part of their membership?

The 1:1 sessions are a core part of membership, not only are they something to look forward to but they help hold me to account with my practice. The sessions are completely tailored to what I need at that time and I always come away feeling like I’ve achieved something wonderful with my time. 


Each session is different and is tailored to what I need at that time, she has such a vast and effective toolkit across all fields of psychology and self-development I know I am always getting the best teaching. Laura is so authentic and relatable I know it wouldn’t work the same with anyone else. 


For me access to Laura is worth every penny, her commitment to learning the latest techniques and bringing the best to her community exceeds my (very high!) expectations. I see Laura as a guru in this field and am so please I secured a place in her community while there was one!

This is for you if:

You want to hone a skill that'll keep stress at bay for LIFE 

You want to make meditation a part of your non-negotiable self care

You want to sleep better and to wake up feeling refreshed

You're practical and down to earth and you want to learn a science-based way to live better

You’re secretly a Ninja and you’ve been waiting for the chance to prove it (Ninja costume not included!)

Ready for the 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme?

*NB: this option is for those who have completed the 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme

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