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Who am I?


Anne, love my family, my garden and walks with friends. Previously a cardiac care nurse and now finding new adventures now the children have flown the nest.



What was going on in your life before working with Laura?

I had feelings of overwhelm, I felt discombobulated, anxious, my inner balance was off-kilter. I was exhausted and very unhappy. I was doing yoga fairly regularly and using the insight timer app for meditations. Although these were helping I felt I needed more information and help with understanding the science of meditation and tools to cope with how I was feeling.



How would you describe your experience?

I completed a 1:1 7 session programme with Laura and then signed up for the monthly 121 sessions in her community. 


These have been invaluable for me in many ways. 


No matter what frame of mind I turn up in for my scheduled appointment  I always feel lighter at the end of the session. 


Laura has an amazing ability to understand, ooze calm, empathise in a very non-judgmental way and provide strategies to help cope with an issue whether historical or current. I feel very comfortable talking to her about anything as she is naturally easy to relate on many different levels. She delivers a meditation or two during our session which always helps with what is happening in your body or a problem you are dealing with at the time. 



What benefits have you experienced in your life as a result of your mentoring?

As a result of my sessions with Laura, I have benefitted from becoming so much more curious and noticing more about myself which has definitely made me much more confident as a person. She has been able to get to know me very well! 


Laura is very knowledgeable and has the ability to help me find understanding and some peace for problems I may be experiencing.  She has helped me to understand and deal with difficult relationships in my life and is always able to help me find a possible solution or a tool to manage the issue allowing me to reach my own conclusions giving me the strength to be confident with my own mind.


Going forward we are beginning to look at my values which are very interesting when I am not being hijacked by events happening in my life! This is where I find Laura very adaptable, being very quickly able to focus her attention for the session around how you arrive in your mind.




This is for you if:

You want to hone a skill that'll keep stress at bay for LIFE 

You want to make meditation a part of your non-negotiable self care

You want to sleep better and to wake up feeling refreshed

You're practical and down to earth and you want to learn a science-based way to live better

You’re secretly a Ninja and you’ve been waiting for the chance to prove it (Ninja costume not included!)

Ready for the 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme?

*NB: this option is for those who have completed the 21 Day Ninja Mind Skills Programme

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