The Ugly Truth about How you Look

I pinched the skin that was poking out. Then I grabbed a handful of it and squeezed. The skin went red and the nip of pain felt weirdly satisfying, like I deserved it. I looked at the mirror in front of me and a deep pang of self loathing coursed through me. I looked down at the pale flesh and wished I looked different. How could I have thought this looked ok? Shame chased after the self loathing to convince me that I was embarrassing and disgusting. The truth, however, was that there was nothing “wrong” with me. My perception of how I looked was in my head. Nothing had changed physically from the moments before when I thought I looked great, or at least acceptable, to this other moment when suddenly I wasn’t.

Objective reality has nothing to do with it

I’ve always been naturally slim and whenever I expressed out loud my disgust with my body, I would be met with objection. “What? How can you think that? You’re so skinny!” But it didn’t matter what people said or what was true. What mattered at that time was how I felt. I felt like my body had let me down and was deeply flawed. It was too big in the wrong places and too small in others. It wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t good enough. When I look back at photos of the times when I felt this way, I see someone who looks healthy and beautiful in her own unique way. From the place I am now, I want to go back and help her to see what I see.

No one on the outside can fix it

Our relationship to how we look is complicated. It’s made up of so many layers of beliefs we’ve created over a lifetime: The meanings we’ve given to things that have been said and a misplaced emphasis on the external. At this time of year when your inbox is screaming with exhortations to lose weight, get fit and improve yourself it can be overwhelming. But there is another way, and it doesn’t mean giving up on being the best and most vibrant version of yourself.

It’s not shit or bust

It’s tempting to think it’s all or nothing. I’m thin enough/ fit enough/ clever enough or else I’m not at all. Actually it’s so much more than that. It comes down to what you pay attention to and how you respond to the thoughts and feelings that you have. In my journey to uncover my own happiness, I discovered that so many things about my life could be different, even if nothing changed at all.

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