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  New Intentions that Don't Bite  

  FREE Workshop  

  with Laura Coleman  

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As we move into 2024, many of us feel the pressure to get a plan together and to know what we want.


But how can you do that when so much may be uncertain and we're carrying cuts and bruises from the year we're leaving behind?

Join this session to experience a different way to renew, restore and plan for the year ahead.

No more punishing resolutions that are destined to fail or forgetting the things that matter!

Let's celebrate and recalibrate together.

Registration includes a worksheet you can also download to provide prompts during the session and for your own reflections

You'll leave the session: 

Feeling calmer, invigorated and restored

Ready to leave the past behind with compassion and care for all you've been through

Uplifted by your intentions for the year ahead with tools to stay connected to your hopes and dreams

This session is for you if: 

You're already wondering how you're going to get in the right headspace for the year ahead

Last year left you feeling stressed, anxious and depleted

You're ready to try a different approach to "resolutions" that allows you to feel positive instead of overwhelmed

You want to make it happen in a busy life, without missing a beat or losing your edge

What do people say

about this session ...

"Wow, that was incredible!  I feel so much lighter and ready for the year ahead"  

"Thank you Laura, this was just what I needed.  Such a gentle but effective way to let go of the past and look to the year ahead"


"That was great, I loved it! The meditations were so powerful"


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