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The Human Connection

What a week it's been! It feels like we're in momentous times. Like the world is poised for some big changes. And yet at the same time, lockdown here in the UK has made our daily lives smaller again. One conversation sticks out for me from my week and it's nothing to do with elections or the big world stage.  It's what inspired me to open access to my daily meditations to EVERYONE for the whole of lockdown. (You can sign up here) The conversation was with my Nana.  I've mentioned her before in my newsletter as she's a bit of a character.

96 years old, super determined and a tiny bit stubborn. We were talking about lockdown and she said these heartbreaking words: "It's the loneliness that gets you"

Human contact

She lives in a lovely place in Cheltenham where all the residents have their own apartments.   She has two friends in particular, Doreen and Alice.  She moved down from Whitby in Yorkshire after the death of my Grandad 15 years ago and when she first arrived "down South" she felt really isolated.  Her accent meant she sounded different and felt self conscious.  She didn't know anyone and a lifetime with her husband had left her unsure of herself as a single unit.

Friendship was her lifeline

When she met Doreen and Alice, her life changed.  She would sit in the lounge with them having cups of tea and there would be activities like bus trips to local tourist spots and meals out. As she got older and less mobile, we organised a weekly taxi ride into town and she would take her friends. The highlight of their week was the Marks and Spencers cafe for a cream tea.

And now she has four walls

When she said those words about the loneliness, suddenly I understood how much the pandemic has affected her. Residents aren't allowed to see each other. They're not allowed visitors and they can only use the laundry one at a time. Her own four walls crowd in.  She's managed to decorate and get new curtains and the visits we were able to make when restrictions lifted was wonderful. But through all that time she's not been allowed to see her friends. And it hurts.

I realised we all need to to rely on each other

One of the best things I've heard this week was Joe Biden's speech last night.  The language of togetherness, connection and restoring humanity. It was like a breath of fresh air. We can all do small things to make that a reality. Helping ourselves and helping each other.

Let's come together for a daily dose of calm and connection

As my way of helping people to get through this next month, which will undoubtedly hold ups and downs for us all, I would love to invite you to join me for meditation each day This is normally just for the members of my community but for now I figure we're ALL community. You can sign up here and you'll receive daily reminders with the link to join us in zoom  (You can then opt out of the reminders if you prefer). Please will you share this email with your contacts?  There may be someone you know who is feeling overwhelmed who so needs it. Can you forward it to even a handful of people right now before you go? These short 15 minute sessions will also provide space for you to check in with yourself and all the wonderful plans and dreams you have for 2021. Let's support each other 🙏🏻

"When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves." Jack Kornfield

You can register to join us here and you'll receive a reminder each day and replays will also be in my free Facebook Community which you can join here.


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