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Let’s get through this lockdown together

As I turned on the tv to news of another lockdown, I felt the grip of anxiety in my body. A sense of disbelief that it was happening and my mind racing ahead to think about what it might mean.

Then, the rush of all sorts of emotions: anger, frustration, sadness.


It took me a few day’s to process it all and I made a decision that, just like in the last lockdown, I would do what I could to offer support.


Whilst the virus itself doesn’t feel as threatening to me now, the reality of its impact on jobs, businesses and the crushing loneliness for many feels only too real.

Feeling stressed?

Does your brain feel frazzled?

Want to feel calmer?

Join me for daily FREE live meditation.  Whether you come every day or drop in when you can, you’ll have a safety net that’s ready to help you manage the roller coaster of the coming weeks.

Feel lighter and calmer in just 15 minutes a day

Here’s our schedule:











You’ll receive a reminder 15 minutes before each day so you can create space to come and join us.

Whether you’re feeling anxious for how you’ll get through or optimistic for the chance to find out who you are underneath the busy, meditation is the perfect way to drop an anchor in the stormy waters.

Let’s thrive, not just survive, this lockdown

You'll leave each session:

Feeling calmer

More able to tackle the demands of your day to day

With skills and knowledge to bring these tools into your life

More able to focus

To join me, simply click the link to register below and you’ll receive an email with the link to join plus daily reminders 15 minutes before the meditation begins (and you can opt out of the reminders if you prefer!)

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