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How are you feeling really?

Are you overwhelmed and frazzled despite trying to find more balance?

Are you trying to juggle all the things but it’s really hard to concentrate and get everything done?

Maybe on the outside all is ok, but inside it's really tough and you feel stuck?

Perhaps you lie awake at night unable to switch off and feeling stressed out?

Or maybe life just feels grey and you’d like to feel alive again?

Is it time to Be.More?

When I was struggling the most, to the outside world I looked fine.  Instead of life feeling like an amazing technicolour of experiences, mostly it felt like everything was moving too fast and I couldn't keep up.

Perhaps that's how it feels for you?

The people around you think you're doing fine. You seem confident, you're always busy and seem happy to be there for everyone.

But inside it feels achingly hard sometimes.


You work really hard to be what people want and expect you to be.

The cost of filling the roles you've taken on is exhaustion and overwhelm. 


You second guess yourself and find yourself going over and over things in your mind. 


"Should I have said this? Should I have done that?"

And lately it feels like it's getting harder to keep the wheels turning.

You feel frustrated more often and find yourself not able to be that kind, loving person that you know you are.

Maybe there's anxiety and overwhelm creeping in to more and more of your days?

If this is you, it's ok.

I feel you.


I see you.


And I know that things can change for you.

There is another way

A way that allows you to experience life differently without giving up what you've worked so hard to create. 

Be.More is a membership community that's about more than meditation.


This is about finding support to change your life.

If you’re serious about changing your experience for the better, joining the Be.More Community is your next step.

“Laura has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.”


- Julie, Be.More client

The Be.More Community is for you if:

  • You're outwardly ticking all of the boxes for a successful life but inside you often feel stressed and overwhelmed

  • You struggle to sleep at night because you can't seem to switch off

  • You’re experiencing significant health challenges as a result of stress - IBS, Chronic fatigue, Burnout

  • You’re hearing (and ignoring!) a small voice that asks “is this it?” about this successful life you’ve created (and you’re worried you can’t keep it up?)

  • You’d love life to flow effortlessly - to feel focused and productive AND creative and insightful

  • You're a "seeker" and love to be part of a community of like-minded people who want to be the best version of themselves



"I feel sooo much better I am so much more confident and happy. I have found inner peace and I have many more tools to help when the road is rocky. I definitely don’t over react nearly as much." 


- Be.More member

“The membership has surpassed my expectations and I would thoroughly recommend it.  Laura's wonderfully clear teaching style, coupled with the opportunity to learn, practice & explore various types of meditation with the other members of the online community is superb. Questions are welcome and the group is a very generous, welcoming environment" 


- Be.More member


Click here if you know it’s time to change things and you’re ready to join the Be.More Community.

New Note.jpg

I was in that place and three words changed everything for me.

“I am nothing”

Those were the words I wrote in my journal 7 years ago.  I felt overwhelmed, depressed and worthless. As a Mum of two young children living overseas and leaving behind my corporate career and family, I had completely lost myself. 

Before family life, I had a successful corporate career in retail management and management development and training. It was fast-paced, demanding and high profile.

Those three words were like a call to action from my future and former self.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 17.58.32.png

What changed?

Meditation was the scaffolding that allowed me to go from that place of feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm, confident and clear.

It helped me to get back in touch with all the parts of me, including that dynamic and driven person who had faded into the background.  Re-awakening a sense of purpose and direction. 


It allowed me to be kinder to myself, to open up to all the things I was feeling so I could accept them and move past them. 


It led me, amongst other things, to study Psychology at Monash University, then Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Meditation Teacher training and Breathwork training. 


Like any journey, it wasn’t one long smooth trajectory but, with the mindset that meditation provided, I was able to keep focused on what mattered.  


Tuning in to what next steps I needed to take and then finding the courage to take them.


My journey, experiences and learning are at the heart of Be.More.


I know from my own life and the many clients I've worked with, that it's possible to go from stuck and surviving to thriving and growing.

Combining neuroscience, psychology and modern practical meditation practices to unlock personal transformation, you CAN change your life. 

One small step at a time.

“Looking back, reaching out to Laura has been one of the best gifts I ever had in life and I couldn't recommend her highly enough"

- Marie-Christine, Be.More course graduate


"This is about more than learning to meditate. this will change your life."

Laura Coleman

Feel like this is what you need?

Meditation changed everything for me.

Finally, I had space to think more clearly, rediscover joy and transform my life. 


What about you?

Imagine when...

  • You can finally focus and concentrate, without your brain being hijacked with “what ifs” and worries. 

  • You can cope with whatever ups and downs come your way with equilibrium and balance. 

  • You feel happier each day and able to enjoy your life, no matter what it throws at you.

  • You feel more connected to the “real” you, that’s been crushed under the busy. 

  • You can tune in to what really matters and be kind to yourself.

Now you can join us and create amazing change in your life.


“I've felt energised, inspired, relaxed and more "aware" of the small joys which add to the texture of my life since joining. My sense of positivity and gratitude have both been amplified.


Natalie, Be.More member

Ready to join the Community? Click here to sign up and choose your options

"But will it work for me?"

You might have tried meditation before. Or you might have tried to fit other routines into your life that you know can support you and help you, but somehow, they never stick.

You know it makes a difference but there’s always so much else that needs to be done.

This Community is different.

You won’t just experience meditation (although you will have plenty of opportunities to do that too).

The Be.More membership is supported by the 21 Day Stress and Overwhelm Detox, which guides you into the community with ease.


Helping you to build sustainable practices that make sense and are sustainable in a busy life.


Imagine all of that in a format that’s bite-sized, easy to understand and with amazing visual materials to support your learning, plus video content and customised meditations. You can read more about the 21 Day programme here

“Laura is extremely knowledgeable and has the rare gift of explaining super complex concepts in simple powerful terms and images that I can easily grasp and elaborate further...Each session was mind-blowing and I always ended each session with the full awareness of having added an important piece to my life's jigsaw.“


Marie-Christine, Be.More Client

There’s a big difference between knowing how to do something and really understanding it.

For lasting change to happen, you need to do more than just know how to practice. You need expert support and guidance.


That’s how you can re-programme how you respond and act in your life.

Support Matters

Imagine feeling part of a supportive environment where instead of feeling dragged down by comparison-itis (that natural but toxic tendency to see everyone else’s carefully curated Insta-life and feel like you are falling short) you feel encouraged and inspired.


A place where you can pause and explore how to create a more meaningful life.

That’s why joining the Be.More Community changes everything.

Suddenly you have a reason to show up for yourself. Not because you have to, but because it feels good to be part of a supportive community with just enough content to stretch you without overwhelm.

This Community is different

"Be.More has surpassed my expectations and I would thoroughly recommended membership. Laura's wonderfully clear teaching style, coupled with the opportunity to learn, practice & explore various types of meditation with the other members of the online community is superb. Questions are welcome and the group is a very generous, welcoming environment”


Natalie, Be.More member

group photoi in studio.jpg

What’s included:

FREE 21 Day Stress and Overwhelm Detox for guided support to get started (worth £97)

Monthly Theme to set your Intentions and Guide your Journey 

Monthly Guest Expert Sessions to expand your wellness toolkit

Weekly LIVE Community meditations for connection and support

Weekly Inspiration Email with suggested practices, journal prompts and affirmations

Quarterly Community Masterclasses for deeper learning and growth

Extensive Meditation library so you can handle whatever life throws at you

Comprehensive Breathworks library and training videos

Bite-sized digital training to uplevel your mindset and understanding

Building habits is tricky - this was hidden

Research shows that after the initial enthusiasm wanes, we need other frameworks in place to create a consistent practice.


That consistency is the key (and where the magic is!).


That’s where the structure of this community will really help. Allowing you to do the work and meet that challenge with support to get you through any resistance.

Just like developing a physical practice to support the body, we need to train the mind with just as much vigour and commitment.

Think of the Be.More Community as your gym membership for your mind.

Allowing you to train the skills of paying attention, building self-compassion and experiencing more calm and balance.

I'll be curating your experience every step of the way so you can focus on taking each next step.

“Over the last 3 months my perception has changed so that I now feel truly satisfied with life as it is right now.  The changes I already feel give me the confidence to keep trying to establish this new habit, despite all the obstacles life throws at me!"

- Jo, Be.More member

Now more than ever, we need resilience and skills to help us handle the stress and pressure of our lives.


” Focussing on me, and retraining my brain to perceive my life in a positive way has been a huge benefit. Learning a new habit is a challenge, but instantly rewarding, and worth the effort it takes”

- Jo, Be.More member

Come and join us here so you can finally live a life that you love.

Ready to join the Community? 



I'd love to welcome you to our special community.


You have 2 options.


You can pay monthly and cancel any time.  


Or you can pay annually, reduce the cost and make a commitment to yourself. 


“The results are impressive: Thanks to Laura, I am definitely a more complete human being, much stronger mentally and physically, present in the moment and eventually aware that I've embarked on a precious journey that will never end!"


Marie-Christine, Be.More Client



Monthly Member







(approx if pay Annually

£200 total cost)


Annual Member


Want me to explain more about the Be.More Membership?


You can hear me talk about it here, including how and why it started, how it works and what you can expect.

Click the image or link below to view

You can see the answers to some frequently asked questions by clicking the FAQ's button below.

And feel free to drop me an email with any questions to

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