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Find your way to clarity, focus and calm in 21 Days - no matter what your life looks like

21 Day

Calm and Clarity Reset

How are you feeling really?

Are you overwhelmed and frazzled despite trying to find more balance?

Are you trying to juggle all the things but it’s really hard to concentrate and get everything done?

Maybe on the outside all is ok, but inside it's really tough and you feel stuck?

Perhaps you lie awake at night unable to switch off and feeling stressed out?

Or maybe life just feels grey and you’d like to feel alive again?

Imagine if there was another way… how would you like to feel calmer, have more focus and handle whatever life throws at you?

Knowing that you can cope with anything, not because life is stress free but because you have a new way of responding.

Being able to change how you think, feel and respond to the challenges of your life changes everything.  Anything is possible when you have a toolkit of understanding, tools and practices to support you.

Goodbye overwhelm...hello calm!

The 21 Day Calm and Clarity Reset


This is your guided journey to grow the mindset, skills and toolkit you need to unhook from stress and overwhelm.

Each day for 21 Days you'll receive a bite sized training, a short practice and bonus content.

No overwhelm, no pressure.

Just a simple journey to make your life feel more manageable so you can get back in touch with what's important to you.


“All the science knowledge yet the gentle, nurturing calmness I'd look for in someone teaching me meditation”

Previous Be.Programme Student

“I wanted a modern day approach to meditation and this was exactly what I got! Thank you Laura!”

Previous Be. Programme Student



Imagine being able to sleep the whole night through, without any interrupting thoughts

Imagine enjoying relaxing quality time with your partner or family, without feeling 'on edge'

Imagine waking up and feeling READY to take on the day, without an ounce of stress in sight

Imagine knowing that no matter what happens, you'll be able to stay cool, calm and collected

Imagine feeling good about yourself even when things don't go to plan

Will this work for me?

I get it.


You’ve probably tried other things. You've been actively adding to your wellbeing kit for a while. 


Maybe you downloaded an app (or two or three!) but somehow things just didn’t stick.

I know your life can feel overwhelming and it isn’t always possible to magic away the stress.


Instead, you can use these proven techniques, that have already helped hundreds of people just like you, to train your mind to banish overwhelm for good.


“Loved the mix of science and practice”

Previous Be. Programme Student

“Laura is extremely knowledgeable and has the rare gift of explaining super complex concepts in simple powerful terms and images that I can easily grasp and elaborate further.”

Previous Be. Programme Student


How does it work?

As soon as you say “Yes Please!”, you can get started straight away - no need to wait!

You'll receive a daily email with a bite-sized training (around 3 - 5 minutes), a simple practice (from as little as 2 minutes) and a bonus practice to help you apply your learning to your life. Best of all, it's all available in a handy app or from your browser - so you can access your toolkit anytime and anywhere.

The programme is divided into 3 easy to follow stages with bite sized steps landing in your inbox each morning:


Stress Busting Science


Making Sense of Your Practices


Getting Results and Building Habits

You’ll discover:

Simple techniques that work in ANY busy life plus HOW and WHEN to use them for maximum benefit

The stress busting science of Modern Meditation and how to apply it for ultimate effect (Knowledge is Power!)

How to master your mind to stop your thoughts and feelings from ruling the show and get out of overwhelm fast

Practical ways to build habits, no matter what your life looks like (so this time you can make it stick!)

How mind mastery will change your life: making sense of the brain science so you can apply what you learn

Finding calm every day really is possible, no matter what life throws at you

Screenshot 2019-12-03 at 01.08.08.png

What’s included:

A 21 day learning journey with daily emails to keep it super simple

Bite-sized learning videos with closed captions 

LIVE meditations with my membership community

A targeted meditation library of meditation, Breathwork and mindfulness practices

LIVE expert support from when you need it

A 30 minute 1:1 to integrate what you learn

“I have learned that when I slow down, everything slows down. It's been a total joy and revelation. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to practice more.”

Previous Be. Programme Student

This is for you if:

You want to hone skills that'll keep stress at bay for LIFE 

You want to self care a non-negotiable part of your life

You want to sleep better and to wake up feeling refreshed

You're practical and down to earth and you want to learn a science-based way to live better

You’re ready to learn the secrets of a calmer and more fulfilled life

Imagine mastering skills and knowledge to bring these tools into your life.

NOW YOU CAN! And it changes everything...

group photoi in studio.jpg

All for the CRAZY early Ninja special price of just £47

This amazing programme will never be such a small investment again.  NOW is the time to jump in

Take your first Ninja Move by clicking the button below to get access to your Ninja Mind Skills Training on January 10th.

group photoi in studio.jpg

All for just £97 


This amazing programme will allow you to reset your stress and overwhelm so you can do what matters and enjoy your life.

For just £97 you will have lifetime access to the programme and all your resources.



You can opt to join our amazing Be.More Membership Community and receive it for FREE when you sign up.  

We would love to welcome you!

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