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Comfy faithfuls or spangly new?

Sometimes I want to live in my comfiest clothes: Trousers with their elasticated waist, faded colour and shapeless softness. My slouchiest jumper, with its misshapen sleeves, bobbly lumps and worn out hems.

It’s partly the feeling of completely letting go and not caring about how I look. It’s also the reassuring comfort of clothes that are like a second skin. It makes me feel like a child again in a way. Before I started to believe there was a version of me I was “supposed” to be.

But then there are times I want to put on something totally new that makes me feel amazing. When I wear those kind of clothes, I feel even more “me” somehow; just the brilliant sparkly version of me that hopefully is the truth of me. When I wear clothes like that I imagine that I can take on the world.

Where are you right now?

Right now, I seem to be in an extended comfy faithfuls stage, both physically and metaphorically.

- I know I “should” be jumping on the new year bandwagon.

- I “should” be promoting all the ways I can help you to climb into the spangly version of you that deep down you know is possible.

But right now I’m feeling the need to hibernate still. To snuggle up, to go slow, to not push and strive. (Milky my ever faithful dog is more than happy to hibernate too. She was born in Queensland, Australia, so is definitely not a fan of winter weather!)

Are you feeling it too?

Maybe it’s because of what we’ve all been through these last few years, but I feel like i need to make space:

Space to let things emerge more slowly than I’m used to. To allow myself time to work out what i really want and need.

(I’ll share right at the bottom of this blog the things you can do right now that will jump start your new year so if you’re feeling the itch of being ready for action, don’t worry, I’ve got you)

As I think about what word will sum up my focus and energy for this year, the word ‘Foundations’ bubbles up inside me.

Foundations in every sense: The physical act of building foundations for a balanced state of health, mind and strength. It's both an act of grounding but also growing. That’s not something that can be rushed or glossed over. Any builder will tell you that foundations are the invisible magic for a good project.

3 steps to gently emerge

Maybe you feel like you’ve barely caught your breath and you’re not ready for the year to begin again. Or perhaps you have so many ideas whirling that it’s hard to pin them down!

Below is a 3 step journaling process for a more gentle emerging into the new year.

Simply find a journal and let yourself explore.

Before you begin, here’s some preparations you can make to create the ideal conditions for your reflections:

  • Set up a time and space where you won’t be disturbed and you can turn off your phone and any other distractions.

  • Get comfy! Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and free.

  • Create a ritual: maybe light a candle, bring any meaningful objects nearby, bring photos or images that feel important 

  • Have refreshments like a cup of tea or some nibbles to make it feel like a treat 

  • You could even combine it with other activities that help you to feel grounded: yoga, movement, meditation, a hot bath

So, now you’re all set. Let’s begin!

Step 1: LET IT GO

Give yourself permission to acknowledge and accept the challenges you faced last year. Write down your top 4 challenges and then write down 3 things that each one taught you.


Let your inner cheerleader come out to play! Allow yourself to dig deep to find your successes. Write them all down, big or small.


Now it’s time to look ahead and allow your imagination to build the future you want. Just focus on WHAT and WHY you want to create, rather than thinking too hard about HOW or WHEN.

It’s often best to just start to write and see what comes out!

An Invitation

How about we get together in my special ‘Intention Creation’ session to start the year to do this work together? Instead of setting resolutions that can feel heavy and pressured, this is a way to feel inspired and connected to the year ahead.

We’ll make space to process all that went before, gently opening up to what you can release and what you can celebrate. And then ease into an unfolding of what feels right.

I’d love you to join me for this FREE workshop "New Intentions that Don't Bite: An alternative way to land in the new year" on Thursday 25 January at 7.30pm.

There'll be guided meditations and visualisations to help you connect to your experiences and the chance to reflect.

You’ll also receive a powerful worksheet to help you pull together your ideas and reflections. This will allow you to deeply connect to your new intentions.

Best of all, it’s completely free to attend and members of my Be. Membership have access to the replay to watch anytime.

I can’t wait to see you there

You can sign up here.


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