One in eight UK employees experience mental health problems in the workplace source: Mental Health Foundation. That’s a staggering number but that’s only half the story.  Many more walk the thin line between burnout and just about coping, both from work pressure but also the relentless pace of modern life.  Often that flies under the radar and instead slowly eats away at productivity, engagement and retention. 

So, what’s the true cost of your team being stressed out and overwhelmed?

Things are changing

We’re well versed in how to look after our physical health but for our mind it's a different story. The solution is to invest in training our brains in the same way we train our bodies.  Meditation is exactly the workout your brain needs to help stave off stress, decrease anxiety and improve resilience, creativity and insight. With regular practice you will literally change how your brain works.  The challenge is how to tap into these practices in a way that works.  That’s where Be. can help.



The explosion in mindfulness and meditation in modern culture is about more than just buzz words and bandwagons.  The science is clear that these practices make significant, sustainable and meaningful change to the way people experience their lives. Leading to improved stress management, better focus and productivity but also happier, healthier and more creative individuals and teams.  It starts with training but it’s achieved through support and coaching.  Learning to meditate at work can be so powerful – it means this powerful wellbeing tool can become part of the work day.  

Manage stress 



 of mindfulness

& flow 

Tame your thoughts

This leads to?

  • Improved focus and you train your attention 

  • Enhanced emotional and personal wellbeing....for a happier life

  • Connection to your creativity, insight and intuition...To make better choices and clearer decisions 

  • Improved sleep and rest...for better functioning in your life

  • Experiencing life in a new, positive and inspiring way 

  • More your thoughts have less power to derail you 

  • increased self you can tame that inner critic

Find your happy

Connect to balance

Bring it together for your life

What our Corporate clients are saying.

Laura beams positivity. After the session we were all left feeling so relaxed, refreshed and inspired, it was as if our minds had been reset and our day was starting anew. After the session, we got so excited by our Meditatin reboot experience that we all took up meditation: some more, some less but all acknowledging its many benefits. And Laura is still there to answer any questions, motivate us and provide guidance 

Laura did the Be.Modern Meditation Intro course with our team and it was clear from the start that she has a passion and ability for making meditation accessible for all. Laura went at a pace that was comfortable for everyone and took the time to explain each step which made the experience relaxing and enjoyable

I can highly recommend Laura Coleman if you are considering Stress Awareness initiatives for your team. We wanted to go beyond awareness because we figured our team knew what stress is. So we enlisted the help of Be. to equip our team with the tools to stay composed in what is a dynamic sector

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