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With stress being dubbed the health epidemic of the 21st Century, mental ill health costs employers in the UK £35 billion every year through lost production, recruitment and absence (source: Centre for Mental Health). One in eight UK employees experience mental health problems in the workplace (source: Mental Health Foundation).  The problem is that we are well versed in how to look after our physical health but for our mind it's a different story.  We can end up stuck in a loop of stress that impacts how we do our jobs and how we live our lives, which ultimately impacts on our ability to deliver business results.  The solution is to invest in training our brains in the same way we train our bodies. 

Meditation is exactly the workout your brain needs. It supercharges your productivity, focus and creativity.  With regular practice you will literally change how your brain works. It makes sense to provide your team with a tool that’s proven to help. What’s key is knowing how to "do" meditation in a way that works for this busy, modern world. More importantly having the support to make it happen beyond the training.

(You can read more on the benefits of meditation here).

How can my company get started?


Option 1:


Be.Corporate Meditation Reboot Workshop:

An empowering and informative session designed to get you started (1 hour) with tools to make it happen straight away. You can read the overview of this session here


Option 2:


Be Corporate Essentials:


A 4 -session series designed to get you started, help you deal with distractions and learn how to make ANY activity a meditation as well as ensuring your team have the coaching support to make it happen.


Option 3:




Your opportunity to create a package that works for you. (For example, a combination of Be.Intro Workshops, one-to-one opportunities and further sessions.)



What’s included:


  • Handouts of all course materials


  • Downloads of all meditations (these are also in a free app so it’s really easy
    to make it happen)


  • 2 weeks of follow up via email or text for any questions or queries to offer tips and help (especially useful after Be.Intro)


  • Optional: A Be. snow globe for each participant (this is a great visual reminder of the concepts covered)


  • Optional: One to one 30 minute video Meditation Mentor call (to check in and help with any stumbling blocks)


Let's get started.   


Contact me on laura@bemodernmeditation.com or call me on 07538637993 to find out more


What other Be.Corporate clients have to say:


“I can highly recommend Laura Coleman if you are considering Stress Awareness initiatives for your team. We wanted to go beyond awareness because we figured our team knew what stress is. So we enlisted the help of Be. to equip our team with the tools to stay composed in what is a dynamic sector”


- Sam Garrity, CEO at RocketMill
(RocketMill placed 12th on The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to work for in 2019)


“Laura beams positivity. After the session we were all left feeling so relaxed, refreshed and inspired, it was as if our minds had been reset and our day was starting anew. After the session, we got so excited by our Meditatin reboot experience that we all took up meditation: some more, some less but all acknowledging its many benefits. And Laura is still there to answer any questions, motivate us and provide guidance”


Christina Tassi, Practice Manager at OB Architecture


“Laura did the Be.Modern Meditation Intro course with our team and it was clear from the start that she has a passion and ability for making meditation accessible for all. Laura went at a pace that was comfortable for everyone and took the time to explain each step which made the experience relaxing and enjoyable”


Ben Hogbin, Manager Winchester District Young Carers

What do workshop attendees have to say?

“ Enlightening - I came away feeling empowered to use this type of meditation, because it fits in with today's lifestyle, for all really.”


“Really impressive and not what I was expecting! Practical, down to earth, realistic, eloquent, friendly, amusing, talked a lot of sense and very convincing.Just the right balance of personal and professional”

"The inclusion of scientific evidence was compelling and convincing”