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Once you’ve completed the Be.More signature programme,  it’s not over.  Be.Community is a vibrant and supportive community that will encourage and inspire you on a lifelong journey with meditation that will transform your sense of purpose, happiness and resilience.  You can find out more about how Be.Community supports your progress below.


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We'd love you to join and be part of our Facebook group 

You can also join our private Facebook community here where I share behind the scenes tips and inspiration 

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At Be.we believe that once you’ve invested in your Be.Journey, that community is for a lifetime.  So our meet ups are free. Regular meet ups have been shown to increase the chances of you making meditation happen - and it’s a consistent and regular practice that makes the difference. It really can and will change your life.

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Keeping you inspired is a big part of your progress. At meet Ups and online, you’ll be reminded of all that you’ve learnt as well as having the chance to keep learning and stay curious.  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loopand join Be.Community facebook group. It’s open to everyone, even if you’ve yet to start meditation.

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At Be. we want to make a difference to the world so each Year we choose a charity to support.  Meet ups are free but You can choose to make a voluntary donation to the Be.Charity of the Year each time. Small things add up - whether that’s your meditation minutes or the funds you donate.  You can read more about this years inspiring charity here.

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Making it happen.

For many people, finding a way to meditate that they can connect with is a big challenge.   

 This approach is a little different: We explore the science of how and why meditation works in a fun, engaging and interactive way.  That gives you a new and compelling perspective on why it really is a practice worth doing.  This is about more than relaxation. It’s about training your brain, just like going to the gym trains your body. 


You’ll experience two meditations in the session that are designed to be instantly engaging and easy to do – no special postures or positions, just sitting in a chair. Participants often report that it’s the first time they’ve experienced meditation that’s so instantly accessible.   


Importantly, this session also covers how to make meditation happen in your busy modern life. With meditation downloads and course notes (plus the meditations are on a FREE app), if this Intro is all you can manage in your life right now, you’ll still have a meaningful experience to get started with straight away. 

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