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Meditation Toolkits

Be. Meditation Toolkits are designed to help you apply meditation to the
challenges and opportunities in your life.


Taking you beyond the nuts and bolts of how to practice, the mind skills you develop will give you the scaffolding you need to change your life.

Each toolkit will guide you to understand yourself more deeply and experience different ways to meditate.

Think of it like having the perfect soundtrack for whatever is happening for you.

(Note: If it’s the nuts and bolts you’re after, you may prefer to start with either the “Get Started Now” Mini Meditation Course  or the “21 Day Calm & Clarity Reset”) 


Choose your own Adventure 

Here are your toolkit options. You can click the image or button below to make your selection with instant access. - Each Toolkit is just £15

Toolkit Bundle Image  (392 x 574 px) (5).png

Manage Overwhelm Toolkit

This is for you if you feel overwhelmed by the pressures and demands of your
daily life. It will help you to get perspective, feel calmer and be more able to cope.

Practices included:

Building an Overwhelm Relief "Muscle"

Overwhelm Pauce Button

Holding Calm in the Overwhelm Storm

Deep Progressive Relaxation

Reorienting from Doing to Being

Toolkit Bundle Image  (392 x 574 px).png

SOS Finding peace in stormy times Toolkit

This is a great toolkit for relief when times are tough. It will help you to soothe
and manage when it feels impossible to feel peaceful.

Practices included:

Holding Space for Emotional Pain 

Creating an inner Sanctuary

Finding an Anchor in Stormy Times

Reclaiming Control in Challenging Times

Creating Relief from Overwhelm

Toolkit Bundle Image  (392 x 574 px) (2).png

Love Myself Toolkit

This toolkit will help you access self-compassion. It will gently guide you to be able to hold yourself more gently when you’re struggling and take action to soothe and support yourself. Research shows that most people (78%) find it easier to be compassionate and kind to someone else than to themselves so you’re not alone!

Practices included:

Accepting your edges

Gentle Meeting of your Needs

Compassionate Body Scan

Smiling for compassion

Allowing Space for Suffering with Self

Toolkit Bundle Image  (392 x 574 px) (4).png

Find Focus Toolkit

This is for you if you struggle to focus and want to find more flow. Research shows that 48% of the time we’re thinking about something other than what we’re actually doing. Meditation is an amazing way to bring you back to this moment right now, which is where everything you need is waiting.

Practices included:

Remembering flow to find focus

A Self Compassion Break for more Focus

Deep Release to clear space for action

Trusting your intuition

Finding flow from Procrastination

Toolkit Bundle Image  (392 x 574 px) (1).png

Calm Mind Toolkit

This is for you if your mind is often like a runaway train, looping around and around with thoughts and distraction. It will help you to notice the patterns of your thinking and unhook from thoughts so you can feel clearer and calmer.

Practices included:

Escape the trance of thinking

escaping your inner Narrator

Managing the thinking Machine

Exploring Obsessive Thoughts

Blowing away your thoughts


What else do you need to know?

All of the practices are designed to stand alone but also work well together.

You can listen to them in any order and no previous meditation experience is required (I do highly recommend the “Get Started Now! ”Mini-course" if you'd like a foundation to make the most of your pack)

I’m a big believer that you have a knowing part of you that will guide you. So start wherever feels right - read the descriptions and just dive in. Don’t overthink it!

You may find that you end up with a favourite that you want to repeat often. Or equally, you might love the variety of using different practices.


There’s no right or wrong way. Just YOUR way! So let this be a gift to yourself that becomes like a comforting friend, ready and
waiting for you whenever you need it.

Members of the Be. Membership Community have access to the toolkits plus hundreds of other practices and weekly curated content. If that sounds interesting, you can find out more here:


Not sure what’s the best option for you?

Get in touch and I can help you find the right path for you. Simply email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


A little about me, the founder

of Be.

Those were the words I wrote in my journal a few years ago.  I felt overwhelmed, depressed and worthless. As a Mum of two young children living overseas and leaving behind my successful corporate career, I had completely lost myself. 


Those three words were like a call to action from my future and former self.


Something had to change.

"I am nothing"

It was the scaffolding that allowed me to go from that place of feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm, confident and clear.

It helped me to get back in touch with all the parts of me, including that dynamic and driven person who had faded into the background.  Re-awakening a sense of purpose and direction. 


It allowed me to be kinder to myself, to open up to all the things I was feeling so I could accept them and move past them. 


It led me, amongst other things, to study Psychology at Monash University, then Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Meditation Teacher training and Breathwork training and now Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. 


Like any journey, it wasn’t one long smooth trajectory but, with the mindset that meditation provided, I was able to keep focused on what mattered.  



Tuning in to what next steps I needed to take and then found the courage to take them.


My journey, experiences and learning are at the heart of Be..


I know from my own life and the many clients I've worked with, that it's possible to go from stuck and surviving to thriving and growing.


Combining neuroscience, psychology and modern practical meditation practices to unlock personal transformation, you CAN change your life. 


One small step at a time.


What changed?

My journey started with meditation

Important* Whilst these Toolkits are undoubtedly a helpful resource, they’re not a substitute for professional support. If you have or think you may have, a mental health problem that requires professional diagnosis or treatment, please consult a mental health care professional and your GP. You can also talk to the lovely people at Mind on 0300 123 3393 or SANE on 0300 304 7000 or Samaritans on 116 123.

You can see the answers to some frequently asked questions by clicking the FAQ's button below.

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