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Join me and my Guest Expert 

Each month I host a guest expert to help you build the best toolkit possible for your midlife journey...and you're invited for FREE

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In this short course you'll discover:

- 4 ways that meditation is easier than you think

- The perfect posture for effortless meditation

- How to make it happen in your busy life

It includes 4 x bite sized video trainings AND a 5 minute meditation download so you can get started straight away. Get under way in less than 20 minutes with the confidence to build it into your life.


Stress is impacting us like never before. But you get to choose whether you survive or thrive.

If you’re serious about changing your experience for the better, this programme is your very next step. 


***Available in an app so you can get started with ease***

 “I wanted a modern day approach to meditation and this was exactly what I got! Thank you Laura!”  Jules

Find a use for this


the leap from the frantic pace of life to relaxation much more easily when you finally get to "me time".


goodbye to restless nights feeling unable to switch your mind off, phew.


more in control and able to find calm in your day, every day - no matter what life throws at you – and without turning into a monk or yogi to achieve it.

This session is for you if: 

Practical tips to get started so you can quit the guesswork and know it's working 

4 ways that meditation is easier than you think so you can find what works for you

The perfect posture for effortless meditation, anytime and anywhere

How to make it happen in a busy life, without missing a beat or losing your edge

What to do when your busy mind won't stop thinking (so you can finally get some peace)

Video and audio guided practices so you can get started RIGHT NOW

You know

you want to...

Imagine knowing you have a simple way to find calm and clarity in your day.  

These are all techniques I use every single day in my own life as a busy Mum of 2 and business owner, even when life is so busy I feel like I don't have any time.


I know first-hand that they work!

When you sign up, you'll receive instant access so you can get started straight away.


Let's 'Get Started Now'!


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