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Have you


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Found yourself

reaching the end of the day feeling like a coiled spring?

Finding you

can't unwind when you get to "downtime" because it feels like the pressure of each day doesn't let up?

Have you

noticed that somewhere along the line, everyone else's cup got filled but yours?

I know,

it’s exhausting and relentless when life feels this way.  

Image by Anthony Tran

I know, it’s exhausting and relentless when life feels this way.  

I also know you don't need me to give you another "thing" to add to your already bulging "to do" list.   (And that if I suggest you find 15 minutes to sit on a cushion and calm your thoughts that coiled spring might just want to jump out and slap me!)

Instead, I’d like to offer you 4 simple ways that you can grab what I like to call an easy “micro-moment” as you go through the day, without having to miss a beat of the stuff that needs doing.

The good news is that research shows micro-moments can be as effective as longer bursts of relaxation to offset stress – what a relief for those of us who don’t have time to meditate for an hour before the kids get up or fit in 90 minutes of yoga before dinner.


Micro-moments will likely be your thing if you’d like:

to make the leap from the frantic pace of life to relaxation much more easily when you finally get to "me time".


to say goodbye to restless nights feeling unable to switch your mind off, phew

to feel more in control and able to find calm in your day, every day - no matter what life throws at you – and without turning into a monk or yogi to achieve it.

For each step, I'll share what it is, how it works and why you should give it a try.


You can choose to try and adopt all four, or just choose and re-use the one you like the most.

These are all techniques I use every single day in my own life as a busy mum of 2, business owner (and chief project manager of a house renovation project!) so I know first-hand that they work!

When you sign up you can choose to read or listen to audio – I know you are busy, so you can choose whatever feels easiest for you

Ready to experience daily moments of calm – no matter what life throws at you?

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