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The Be. Mindful Mindset™️ Programme

The Be. Mindful Mindset™️ is a unique personal transformation programme.

Be.Mindful Mindset™️ combines Modern Meditation with powerful concepts and tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, including Positive Psychology (Acceptance Commitment Therapy), Neuroscience and Self Compassion research and practices.

At its core is a simple yet profound aim:

To unlock a rich, full and meaningful life.


Why does it work?

It’s not enough to learn techniques and tools that can help you to manage stress.

And simply focusing on what you want without finding ways to combat the difficult thought and emotions in our life is unlikely to help.

Instead, you need to learn how to bring together the powerful forces of caring compassion with mindful awareness so that you can experience every moment of your life differently.

When you combine that with learning how to master your mind, you have a powerful catalyst for change.

So instead of endlessly searching for happiness outside of ourselves, we can find it right here, right now…

You can create your own inner programme to run your life

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Who is it for?

This programme is for you if your tired of learning more tips and tricks to try and find more balance. You’re looking for something more: more meaning, more calm, more clarity.

I invite you to consider the questions below:

When you close your eyes at night, if you manage to quiet your overthinking mind, can you feel the tug of something more?

Maybe on the outside all is ok, but inside it's really tough and you feel stuck?

The question “Is this really it?” silently bubbling up about the life you’re leading and a feeling that you want things to change.

Perhaps you lie awake at night unable to switch off and feeling stressed out?

Are you overwhelmed and frazzled despite trying to find more balance?

Or maybe life just feels grey and you’d like to feel alive again?

Are you trying to juggle all the things but it’s really hard to concentrate and get everything done?

Is it time to grow YOUR Mindful Mindset™️?

Instead of life feeling like an amazing technicolour of experiences, mostly it felt like everything was moving too fast and I couldn't keep up.


Perhaps that's how it feels for you?


The people around you think you're doing fine. You seem confident, you're always busy and seem happy to be there for everyone.


But inside it feels achingly hard sometimes.


You work really hard to be what people want and expect you to be.


The cost of filling the roles you've taken on is exhaustion and overwhelm. 

You second guess yourself and find yourself going over and over things in your mind. 


"Should I have said this? Should I have done that?"


And lately it feels like it's getting harder to keep the wheels turning.


You feel frustrated more often and find yourself not able to be that kind, loving person that you know you are.


Maybe there's anxiety and overwhelm creeping in to more and more of your days?


If this is you, it's ok.


I feel you.


I see you.


And I know that things can change for you.

When I was struggling the most, to the outside world I looked fine.

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How can we do this work together?

Be. Mindful Mindset™️ is available as a group programme once a year and as a 1:1 Bespoke package.  (A self-study digital programme will also be available in the future).


Working 1:1 is deeply profound and transformational as we will work together to weave a unique programme that speaks to your exact situation and experiences. 


You can read some stories of those who have worked with me 1:1 here:

Ready for calm?

But will it work?

I know it can be hard to make the decision to invest in yourself. 


What if it doesn’t work? Or it doesn’t deliver its promises? 


Or worse, what if it makes me feel even more overwhelmed? 


That’s why sometimes it’s best to hear from people who have been there!

What’s the programme like?

“Excellent! The recordings of the guided meditation linked to that week's theme and were so helpful. The live sessions, with Laura & the other members, allowed the group to Share/discuss our experiences & perspectives as well as "deep diving" into the specific topic”

1CT08973 copy.png

“ The information was clear, easy to relate to and understand and I loved the mix of embodiment, breathing and meditations plus the training.”

“ The information was clear, easy to relate to and understand and I loved the mix of embodiment, breathing and meditations plus the training.”

“ The information was clear, easy to relate to and understand and I loved the mix of embodiment, breathing and meditations plus the training.”

What will my experience give me?

“ Laura will equip you with tools that you can take through life with you wherever you are. You will feel lighter and will have a greater understanding of what you need to 

make you happy. If you are pondering on this programme just try it, you won’t regret it.”

“It's very much worthwhile. You'll gain such a wonderful range of insights to yourself,  your meditation practice & you do so in a community of like-minded learners, guided by Laura. Go for it! “

How does it work?

As you journey through the Be.More programme, you’ll deepen your understanding of yourself and learn how to apply the concepts you learn to your life. 


You won’t just learn tips and tricks, you’ll understand yourself more deeply and change the default way you show up in your life.

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Be. You

Know how to combat self-sabotage

Be able to identify how your inner critic works

Will have a toolkit of self-compassion that works for you

Be ready to practice kindness and compassion towards yourself

Understand how self-criticism increases stress in your body

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Be. Calm

Understand that the content of your thoughts are not the problem

Know how to spot when you've been 'hooked' by your thoughts

Be able to notice and name what type of thinking is showing up

Grow a toolkit to neutralise your thoughts

Be ready to practice 'unhooking' in your daily life

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Be. Inspired

Understand how all emotions, especially shame, can block "towards" moves and how to work through them

Know how shame is universal, transitory and can be transformed

Be able to notice and name your deepest desires and values

Will have deeply connected to your own core values

Be ready to take moves towards the person and the life that you truly want in your deepest heart

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Be. Happy

Have a clear picture of the life you want to create

Know how to spot when you've been 'hooked' by your thoughts

Be able to notice and name what type of thinking is showing up

Grow a toolkit to neutralise your thoughts

Be ready to practice 'unhooking' in your daily life

“Laura has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.”

- Julie, Be.More client


Not sure what’s the best option for you?

Get in touch and I can help you find the right path for you. Simply email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

You can see the answers to some frequently asked questions by clicking the FAQ's button below.


A little about me, the founder

of Be.

Those were the words I wrote in my journal a few years ago.  I felt overwhelmed, depressed and worthless. As a Mum of two young children living overseas and leaving behind my successful corporate career, I had completely lost myself. 


Those three words were like a call to action from my future and former self.


Something had to change.

"I am nothing"

It was the scaffolding that allowed me to go from that place of feeling stressed and overwhelmed to calm, confident and clear.

It helped me to get back in touch with all the parts of me, including that dynamic and driven person who had faded into the background.  Re-awakening a sense of purpose and direction. 


It allowed me to be kinder to myself, to open up to all the things I was feeling so I could accept them and move past them. 


It led me, amongst other things, to study Psychology at Monash University, then Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Meditation Teacher training and Breathwork training and now Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. 


Like any journey, it wasn’t one long smooth trajectory but, with the mindset that meditation provided, I was able to keep focused on what mattered.  



Tuning in to what next steps I needed to take and then found the courage to take them.


My journey, experiences and learning are at the heart of Be..


I know from my own life and the many clients I've worked with, that it's possible to go from stuck and surviving to thriving and growing.


Combining neuroscience, psychology and modern practical meditation practices to unlock personal transformation, you CAN change your life. 


One small step at a time.


What changed?

My journey started with meditation

Whilst this programme is undoubtedly a helpful resource, it’s not a substitute for professional support.  If you have, or think you may have, a mental health problem that requires professional diagnosis or treatment, please consult a mental health care professional and your GP. You can also talk to the lovely people at Mind on 0300 123 3393 or SANE on 0300 304 7000 or Samaritans on 116 123.


You can view the answers to some frequently asked questions here:

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