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Chances are you’re not living on a mountaintop or able to switch off from your life for any length of time.

More likely you’re a juggler so success in your day looks like keeping all the balls in the air (just about).  So you need meditation that connects you to ancient traditions with their timeless wisdom but delivered in a way that works for your busy life and resonates with the life you’re living.


That’s modern meditation. 


If you have a body that breathes (tick), a chair to sit on (tick) and an open mind (we can help with that!) then you’re good to go.  

No mantras to learn, no challenging postures to master or breathing techniques to develop.  

What will it involve?

You will learn how to open your awareness and guide your attention. No striving to empty your mind or harsh self judgement.  Just gently changing your relationship to your thoughts so they hold less power to derail you.  Leaving you free to connect your "doing" with your "being" - that essential part of you that holds the keys to all the good stuff.  Unlocking your creativity, purpose and potential. 

What type of meditation is it?


At  Be. we focus on  Open Monitoring (OM) Meditation.  However, we will  touch on Mindfulness and Focused Attention (FA) Meditation techniques too.  


Don't worry...

There are so many different types of meditation practice. There is no one size fits all.  

Don't stress if these terms don't mean anything to you.  In our sessions together, I will guide you through all you need to know so you understand what the process is and how it works. 

Want to know more?

You can read more about this modern approach to meditation in this great article from Huffington Post - click here to read the article.