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Start your week the right way with a

dose of calm...Absolutely FREE

Feeling stressed?

Does your brain feel frazzled?

Want to feel calmer?

Whether you’re feeling frazzled before it’s started or stressed out at the thought of it, sign up and join me for the perfect way to leave the weekend In just 15 minutes, you’ll feel lighter, calmer and more able to tackle whatever comes your way.


Feel lighter and calmer in just 15 minutes

Monday Mornings @ 9am

Weekly Morning


You'll leave this session:

Feeling calmer

More able to tackle the demands of your day to day

With skills and knowledge to bring these tools into your life

More able to focus

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You are unique and your

recipe to ditch stress and overwhelm should be too

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I’m Laura, I help midlife women to transform how they think, feel, and show up in their lives so they can overcome challenges and thrive, using a potent combination of meditation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, and self-compassion.


I'm also a meditation expert and the founder of Be. Modern Meditation - a meditation and mindfulness platform designed to help you take small, sustainable steps to a healthier and calmer mind, no matter what your life looks like so you can build a life that's truly rich and meaningful.


I deliver talks and workshops for organisations, corporate clients and business communities: with audiences as diverse as the NHS, Ernst & Young, The Cancer Research Council, World Health Organisation (WHO) and across diverse industries and audiences.  As I'm navigating my own peri-menopause transition, I bring a wealth and depth of empathy and experience to complement my therapeutic skills and support.  I regularly host guest experts for the Be. community.  I have a special interest in helping midlife women to overcome their challenges, master their mind and live a life they love.


I live just outside Winchester with my husband, two teenagers, a crazy dog and a cat who knows she's the boss.  I'm a dedicated wild swimmer and love anything with peanut butter, but only if it's crunchy!


That's the surface of my story but that doesn't tell you the real story of what brings me to here.  That actually starts 8 years ago with me writing the words "I am nothing" in my journal.  When I wrote them, if you'd known me then, you'd have had no idea that I felt that way.  I was leading a busy productive life in Melbourne, Australia - two young children, project managing a house build, working for a charity and an active social life.  But inside was a different story and I was struggling every day with anxiety and feeling overwhelm. 


That mismatch between my external experience and how I felt inside was getting harder and harder to keep locked in.  So that moment of writing those words began me doing something about it - it was like a jolt and a call to action from my future self.  That's when I discovered meditation.  It wasn't a magic bullet but it unlocked a totally different way of experiencing my thoughts and feelings.  So I went on to study and train in Psychology, Mindfulness, Meditation and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.


Now I get to share the tools, knowledge and learning that helps me and my clients to navigate this human experience we're all having where life will always bring you challenges.  It's time to thrive, not just survive.

it's not at all how I imagined meditation, having tried in the past! The sessions are really interesting, varied and easy to understand. The  bite sized regular sessions start a subtle but big change and  it's very well worth the commitment:)

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