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Let's get started...


A 1 hour 30 min Intro workshop that’s designed to provide 3 things:


1. The Fundamentals: 


- what it is (and isn’t), how it works and more importantly what it can do for you (think reduced stress, more mental space and tapping into your creativity and happiness) 


2. A Step by Step Experience:


  - because doing meditation is the best way to learn about it


3. Practical Next Steps: 


- simple ways to make it part of your life right now

your way.  


Let's face it, one workshop isn't going to be the game changer.  I know the content of this workshop will give you everything you need to get started...but that's often not enough.  So here's the full package:

  • FREE audios of the guided meditations from the session: so you can begin your practice with training wheels straight away.

  • Course material handouts so you can remind yourself of the key concepts

  • Refreshments on the day so you can sit back and enjoy the process

  • Membership to the Be. Modern Meditation closed Facebook group. Even if you're not into Facebook, this is a brilliant space to share experiences, I'll share resources and together we can help you overcome any challenges you experience in your practice. It's also great to celebrate when you've been able to make progress. (Research into habit formation shows that external accountability and support can make the difference in whether something sticks.  Read about one perspective on this by clicking here.)

  • Ongoing support from me - I'll be here to offer support, advice and a cheer squad while you get moving.

These Fundamentals will set you up to be able to dive in with Be.Course.  You can read more about that here.




"I have found myself feeling frazzled and a bit down lately so thought what is there to lose?  I was vaguely interested in meditation anyway but hadn't actually done anything about it!   


I felt very relaxed and comfortable in the session. I was apprehensive it may involve role playing etc (not my thing at all) so I was glad it didn't. It was pitched at the right level to spark my interest as something to seriously look into. I liked the fact that i didn't feel at all silly doing it.  


Since seeing Laura i have downloaded the Insight Timer app and have managed to meditate three days in a row.  My brain is still snowglobing all over the place but i'm only three days in and can't see me "getting bored as it's not working" - i think its something that i am naturally ready for now and am glad to have found it."




"I found it really useful, it was good to get some background and knowledge around meditation itself as well as giving it a go. I felt like I really learnt something and it has inspired me to try and incorporate some meditation into my day. I enjoyed the way Laura explained things, it was clear and simple and made a lot of sense. She was friendly and open which made her relateable. When she said we were going to dive straight in and do a meditation I was a bit worried, but she really put me at ease and I felt comfortable giving it a go"




"I have always been intrigued by the idea of meditation, though a little skeptical.The session was amazing! So straightforward but transformative. I love the idea that it is something that can take just 10 minutes and have such a powerful effect. I liked the fact that it was not related to or in conflict with any religion."




"I've had it on my 'to do' list for around 25 years after a good friend (male) recommended that I would benefit from it.  I'd never found the right place and Laura, you inspired me and gave me the confidence to try. I liked that I'd finally managed to get there at last and felt welcome, safe and engaged througout."




"I've heard a lot about mindfulness and was interested to find out more. The session was new for me, thought provoking, and it was surprising to feel results. Laura was natural, welcoming, easy, approachable, and positive. Give it a go, don't prejudge, open up your mind and body!"