Everyone deserves access to the transformative power of meditation.

With engaging content that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still delivers a powerful message, Be.Expert gives you access to meditation in a way that suits you.  We can tailor a programme to suit your audience and your needs.  

Whether it’s, a Wellness Event or a  Corporate conference, at Be. we can provide inspiring and accessible workshops and talks.

From small groups to large auditoriums, making meditation attainable and inspiring is what it’s all about at Be.

For a more intensive coaching experience, from one day to a number of days, at Be. we have it covered.

Testimonials matter...

I can highly recommend Laura Coleman if you are considering Stress Awareness initiatives for your team. We wanted to go beyond awareness because we figured our team knew what stress is. So we enlisted the help of Be. to equip our team with the tools to stay composed in what is a dynamic sector.


CEO Rocketmill Digital Marketing Agency

She speaks and gives from the heart, her 

audiences sense this straight away and

thus listen intently, remaining engadged



Founder, Rarelife.co.uk

She is both captivating and inspiring and

a mine of knowledge about meditation.

She comes armed with a tool box

of simple yet effective techniques.


Owner, The Rook Retreat

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