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Be.Course is about more than learning to meditate. It's about being guided and supported to make it happen in your life.  Why? Because that's where transformation can be found.  Click here to book your Be.Discovery call now to find out what path is right for you.

I know that you're bombarded with wellness information every day.  There's so much out there to read, consume, watch.  You know that if you could just put a bit more time in then you might be able to make those changes happen. The problem is that you never quite get the time and space to get on top if it.  The pace of your life is overwhelming and there's always something that needs to be done.  On top of that, many of us have lost track of who we really are and what we actually want our life to be.  Or we know that we're far from living the life of meaning and purpose that we crave.


 The truth is, it's not about finding more time. It's about changing your relationship to the time you have. Just imagine being able to manage your thoughts so they no longer yank you around. Freedom to be who you really are with renewed purpose, energy and focus. It truly is a little bit of magic - and it's waiting just behind your closed eyes!

In this comprehensive journey, you'll learn a modern meditation practice that will become your core practice - that will work in your life no matter how busy it is.  Along the way you'll explore so much more that will transform the way you experience your life.  Including a whole range of topics that weave together to take you on a journey to a more connected, balanced and fulfilling life.  For example:

- what awareness is, how it's like a sushi train and why it matters

- how to make any activity a meditation: including the checkout line meditation

- the difference between mindfulness and meditation and how to make mindfulness your default state (no raisin chewing required)

-  how to develop self compassion and ssshhh! your inner critic, and why your oxygen mask is so important

- Ways to get back in touch with your creativity, intuition and insight: whilst developing focus, attention and productivity 

(More of a details person?  You can read the detailed, session by session, breakdown of what's covered here)



The best part?  You'll have the tools to take away to make meditation an ongoing part of your life, the theory, knowledge and techniques to practice anywhere and a coach and community behind you.  

WARNING! Side effects can include: 

- Smiling and talking to strangers
- Moments of joy and happiness for no apparent reason
- Feelings of being calm and centred
- Moments of insight and clarity

Don't say I didn't warn you!

With class sizes kept deliberately small, you'll have the focus and attention you need to deepen your understanding and feel confident in your own practice.  I'll be there every step of the way to give you support and encouragement.

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