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  Sleep Support for Menopause   


If you struggle to sleep...

You're not alone.

Over 60% of women approaching Menopause experience Insomnia symptoms (compared to 1 in 4 in the general population).

Help is here

Sleep is a vital pillar of wellness, especially in mid-life. It enables the body to restore, repair and process the stresses of the day.  It supports functioning for every organ system of the body as well as mood regulation and mental clarity.  You know it's important, but it's become harder and harder to achieve.

You may have tried lots of things to improve your sleep: reducing caffeine, going to bed earlier, cutting down on screen time.  Maybe some of those things have helped but you still end up lying awake, worrying about how you will function the next day and feeling anxious and low. 

The reality of this life stage is that a variety of phsyiological and environmental factors may well be impacting your body and it's ability to sleep: everything from night sweats to worrying about aging parents or parenting challenges.

The good news is that there are practical steps you can take that will make a big difference.  Everyone's sleep journey is different but there is a way improve things.  Even when your underlying causes of sleep disruption are out of your control, there are powerful interventions that you CAN put in place that will change your experience.

Ready to take control of your sleep story?

Join me for a LIVE online Sleep Support Workshop on  xxxxxxx at xxx

After the session you'll have a digital resource library, based in an app or via your browser. This will include:

- A recording of the session and the supporting slides

- A digital library of sleep supporting recordings: including powerful sleep visualisations, breathwork, 

Registration includes a worksheet you can also download to provide prompts during the session and for your own reflections

You'll leave the session: 

Feeling calmer, invigorated and restored

Ready to leave the past behind with compassion and care for all you've been through

Uplifted by your intentions for the year ahead with tools to stay connected to your hopes and dreams

This session is for you if: 

You're already wondering how you're going to get in the right headspace for the year ahead

Last year left you feeling stressed, anxious and depleted

You're ready to try a different approach to "resolutions" that allows you to feel positive instead of overwhelmed

You want to make it happen in a busy life, without missing a beat or losing your edge

What do people say

about this session ...

"Wow, that was incredible!  I feel so much lighter and ready for the year ahead"  

"Thank you Laura, this was just what I needed.  Such a gentle but effective way to let go of the past and look to the year ahead"


"That was great, I loved it! The meditations were so powerful"


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