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What's it all about?


I’m Laura, a Meditation Coach specialising in guiding people from fidgety sceptic to confident meditator.   Many of us think meditation is too hard (our minds are too busy), we don't have time or we don't know where to start. We feel like we need change in our lives but we don't now how to do it.  We feel stressed out, our health suffers and we feel far from the person we know we can be.

My journey

That was me too.  I then discovered meditation whilst living in Melbourne and it was life changing.  Finally I found space to just BE.


I studied Psychology and Mindfulness at Monash University and trained in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) which kept bringing me back to meditation as a fundamental wellness practice.   I returned to live in the UK in 2017 and completed a 100 hour Meditation Teacher certification with Be and Do, based in Manchester (beanddo.co.uk) .   Using those experiences, I've now developed a comprehensive programme to deliver you a secular meditation practice aimed at making meditation accessible, achievable and rewarding.   

I'm also affiliated with Yoga Alliance Professionals. But don't worry, there's no physical practice to learn.  You can get started right away.


Let's do this: Closing your eyes to open your life

Meditation is a game changer and I believe everyone should have the chance to make this part of their life.  My passion is helping people to bust through the blocks which prevent them accessing it's amazing transformative power.  What would your life be like with these side effects:  reduced stress, more mental space, enhanced creativity and focus plus tapping into your purpose?  

I'd love to work with you. Whether as an individual, a group or an organisation, this really can be something that you bring into your life for lasting, sustainable change.

Be. Principles:

Empowerment: We empower you to live your one life, to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and to find within you everything you need to live your best life

Community: We support one another to learn and grow and through our work we give back to the wider community in order to make meditation accessible for all

Acceptance: We offer support without judgment and acceptance without conditions.

Simplicity: We recognise that you are unique, that your life is unique and we simplify the complex so that it works for you.

Fun: We believe in bringing out the fun in mediation so that it becomes something you want to commit to rather than another chore on your endless ‘to do’ list.

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